It’s time to Bring Chicago Home

The 11th Ward IPO is proud to endorse Bring Chicago Home, a measure to create dedicated funding for affordable housing and homeless services.

On March 19, Chicagoans have the opportunity to vote YES to support the more than 68,000 people experiencing homelessness in our city— including more than 4,000 neighbors in our ward living doubled-up with friends and families because they cannot afford housing of their own.

Want to join the 11th Ward IPO to ensure all Chicagoans have a safe, stable place to call home?

  1. Vote YES on Ballot Question 1 on or before March 19. Voting YES on the Bring Chicago Home ballot referendum is a vote to build affordable housing for thousands of families by asking the rich and corporate interests to pay their fair share. The measure amends the one-time sales tax paid by all buyers on property sales, increasing it on sales over $1 million and LOWERING it on sales below $1 million. Most homebuyers, including an estimated 95% of those in the 11th Ward, will see a tax cut.

    You can check your registration status and voting options here.

  2. Share this video with your friends and family members, and encourage them to vote YES on Ballot Question 1.

  3. Sign up to volunteer and receive updates on the campaign.

  4. Join other 11th ward neighbors to knock doors or phone bank. There are lots of opportunities to get involved in our ward and across the city.