Electoral Politics

The 11th Ward IPO is committed to the election of representatives and the enactment policy that will represent the multiracial working class of Chicago. Decades of corruption and patronage at the city and state level have eroded public trust in our democratic institutions, and while traditional machine patronage has made way for a pay-to-play machine, corruption remains nonetheless. We demand the rigorous and thorough investigation into allegations of corruption and patronage at all government levels as well as accountability for elected officials engaged in such behavior. We oppose the election and retainment of elected officials who do not work towards policies that benefit the working class. We oppose gerrymandering and the disenfranchisement and suppression of voters, particularly voters of color and incarcerated voters and will not support any candidate or policy that furthers the suppression of these groups. We will not support any candidate who accepts money from special interests that further marginalize the working class and BIPOC, including billionaires, corporate donations, Super PACs, real estate developers, and the Fraternal Order of Police. We will hold any elected official we support accountable to our platform and to the people of the 11th Ward.