Racial Justice

Systemic racism is real and degrades the quality of life for people of color. This affects every aspect of our lives, as seen throughout the various issue statements referenced here. Representation matters, so we support making political and governmental institutions reflective of the diversity of the people they serve. We support measures that level the playing field for people of all ethnicities when it comes to true equality of opportunity which we can tangibly see in the outcomes of the quality of life of our BIPOC neighbors. The legacy of slavery, segregation, racist immigration policy, and the genocide of indigenous people remains present in today’s power structures and we seek to eradicate racism from our society. Here in Chicago, we support the proposed reparations for the Jon Burge torture victims as well as exploration for further forms of reparations for the harms our country has imposed on BIPOC community members through these legacies. We collectively can achieve these goals by listening to the voices of people of color, understanding public policy’s effects on people of color, prioritizing their input on policy goals, and elevating BIPOC leadership in our political and governmental institutions.